Live In The Heart Of Lakeview

Living at 537 W Melrose means never having to stray too far for your weekday and weekend needs. Whether you’re craving a fun scene with plenty of bars, restaurants, and nightlife, or the daily conveniences of all the nearby gyms, coffee shops, and boutique stores, you’ll see that this is the area that offers it all. Don’t be shocked if your apartment becomes the frequent hot spot for you and your friends. With all that the area has to offer, it’ll be the constant hangout no-brainer. Other fun places you’ll likely frequent – and why wouldn’t you, when they’re all so close – will be Lake Michigan and Belmont Harbor, Wrigley Field, and the countless theaters, just a few minutes walking distance. If you need to get a bit further away, hop on the many bus routes and nearby train stops close to your front door. 

Healthy Lifestyle

If you already belong to a gym, chances are it’s near 537 W Melrose. If you’re looking for a gym, your options are endless. Not having to get on public transit to get to and from your workout will cut out wasted time and give you one less excuse to miss getting to the gym. If you’d rather take advantage of being outside, the Lakeshore Trail is steps from your apartment and is a great place for walking, running, biking, and swimming. 

Social Life

Whether you’re into laid-back dive bars or upscale lounges, Lakeview truly has it all. Your biggest problem? Deciding where to go. Lucky for you, it is truly hard to go wrong in a neighborhood where every bar is even better than the last. 

Neighborhood Festivals

You’re not only close to the epic Pride Festival that graces Chicago each summer, but also to countless weekend festivals that will make it so you always have something to do on the weekend. A few of our favorites are the Taste of Lakeview, Lakeview East Festival of the Arts, and Chicago Craft Beer Festival. 

Host Your Friends

Maybe the best part about living at 537 W Melrose is the envy of your friends. Being in such a prime location will ensure that you have visitors for every summer weekend. So clear your social calendar. By then you’re sure to be an expert on all the best places in Lakeview.